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「大規模集積回路モデル」と「板チョコモデル」: 設計者の発言



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Be curious, not judgemental.

- Walt Whitman (via kari-shma)

Ruby metaprogramming with s-expressions


Another way to do metaprogramming that has some advantages over the traditional approach

Why Perl Didn't Win | Outspeaking

Job title: car driver

Job requirements: professional skills in driving normal- and heavy-freight cars, buses and trucks, trolley buses, trams, subways, tractors, shovel diggers, contemporary light and heavy tanks currently in use by NATO countries.

Skills in rally and extreme driving are obligatory! Formula-1 driving experience is a plus.

Knowledge and experience in repairing of piston and rotor/Wankel engines, automatic and manual transmissions, ignition systems, board computer, ABS, ABD, GPS and car-audio systems by world-known manufacturers - obligatory!

Experience with car-painting and tinsmith tasks is a plus.

The applicants must have certificates by BMW, General Motors and Bosch, but not older than two years.

Compensation: $15-$20/hour, depends on the interview result.

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering.

- What If Drivers Were Hired Like Programmers?


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Reading Position Indicator


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